Visit to Peenemünde
September 2002 - A Pictorial Report

Expedition   1:  VKN Camp
Expedition   2:  Test stand VII
Expedition   3:  Oxygen Plant II
Expedition   4:  Greifswalder Oie
Expedition   5:  Bunkers at Peene River
Expedition   6:  Karlshagen Settlement
Expedition   7:  Historic Technical Information Center
Expedition   8:  Airfield Peenemünde
Expedition   9:  V1 Launch Pads
Expedition 10:  Harbour I  (North Harbour)
Expedition 11:  Harbour II  (Main Harbour)
Expedition 12:  Development Plant East
Expedition 13:  Karlshagen Cemetery
Expedition 14:  V1 Field Positions Zempin



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Text and photos: Copyright by F. Leuband
Updated  2004/01/06