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Expedition 14: V1 Field Positions Zempin
September 12, 2002

In the forest between Zinnowitz and Zempin there were three field positions for combat testing of the V1 flying bombs and for the education of the troops ( Flakregiment 155(W) ).
The field positions 2 and 3 are still in relative good shape, while field position 1 was overbuilt with a camping site.
Of field position 2 you can still find the foundations of the guiding house, the up to 6 meters high rampart, the front piece of the Walther catapult, and the foundations of the ramp buttresses.

Field position 2: Location of the former guiding house.
In the wooden guiding house the magnetic compass in the top of the V1 was adjusted.
You can still make out the large angle scale on the floor.

Field position 2, view into flight direction.

Construction of field position 2.
On the rails the drive assembly of the Walther catapult was moved to ramp with the "baby carriage".

Field position 3, view against flight direction

Of field position 3 only a part of the Walther catapult is left.

More information about these V1 field positions you can find in the brochure
"Trümmer einer vergangenen Zeit in Zempin" by Harald Tresp.

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Text and color photos: Copyright by F. Leuband
Black/white photos taken from "Trümmer einer vergangenen Zeit in Zempin" by Harald Tresp.
Updated  2003/12/27