Meetings With The Astronauts and Cosmonauts -  A Picture Gallery

7th Days of Spaceflight, German Space Exhibition, Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz, Germany

May 23rd - 25th, 2003

The group of referees (left to right):
Toshihito Oida, NASDA, Bonn (spoke about the Japanese contribution to the ISS),
Russian cosmonaut Sergey Zalyotin (Soyuz TM-30/MIR, Soyuz TMA-1/ISS/Soyuz TM-34),
Russian cosmonaut Yuri Lonchakov (STS-100/MIR, Soyuz TMA-1/ISS/Soyuz TM-34),
first German in space Sigmund Jähn (Soyuz 31/Salyut 6),
Belgian cosmonaut Frank de Winne (Soyuz TMA-1/ISS/Soyuz TM-34),
Dr. Helmut Bauer, DLR Bonn (spoke about German utilization projects on ISS),
Tino Schmiel, University of Dresden  (spoke about FIPEX - the athmosphere experiment of the Dresden University on the ISS)
not on this picture:
Mikhael Ivanovich Polukhin and Colonel Semchenko of the cosmic search and rescue service of Russia.

Russian cosmonauts Sergey Zalyotin and Yuri Lonchakov spoke about their mission Soyuz TMA-1 to the ISS.

The Belgian cosmonaut Frank de Winne (left) reported about the mission "Odissea" during the flight of Soyuz TMA-1 to the ISS.
German cosmonaut Sigmund Jähn celebrated the 25th anniversary of his space flight.

Mikhael Polukhin (left) and Colonel Semchenko (right) of the cosmic search and rescue service of Russia
spoke about the organization of the recovery of the returning Soyuz capsules and about the
difficult landing of Soyuz TMA-1.

Left: Sigmund Jähn in a traditional kazakh costume, which he was presented by M. Polukhin and Colonel Semchenko.
Right: Toshihito Oida of the German office of the Japanese space agency NASDA.

Q&A session next morning. Again interesting facts about the landing of Soyuz TMA-1
and other topics were told.
Center: space journalist Günter Kowalski was the host.

An extensive report by Felix Korsch about the 7th Days of Spaceflight can be found here at .


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