Meetings With the Astronauts and Cosmonauts - A Picture Gallery

6th Days of Spaceflight, German Space Exhibition e.V., Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz (Germany)

June 7th - 9th, 2002

The group of referees (left to right):
Hans Dodel, EADS Space Service, Munich (spoke about communication satellites),
Wolfgang Schneider, DLR Bonn-Oberkassel (spoke about European satellites, Envisat, Grace and GMES),
 Russian cosmonaut Yuri Usachev (Soyus TM18, Soyus TM23 MIR, STS-101 / ISS, STS-102 / ISS / STS-105),
Wolfgang Göhler, HTS Coswig (presented the "Aerospace Competence Center Saxonia"),
French cosmonaut Claudie Haigneré (Soyus TM24, Soyus TM33), with daughter Clara,
Christian Gritzner, University of Dresden  (spoke about asteroids and comets - threat from space?),
French cosmonaut Jean-Pierre Haigneré (Soyus TM17, Soyus TM29 / MIR),
first German in space Sigmund Jähn (Soyus 31),
Yuri Petrovich Kargapolov, chief of planning department of ZPK Russia
(spoke about the training of cosmonauts and astronauts for the ISS)

The French cosmonaut Claudie Haigneré spoke about one of her flights, the Andromedé mission.

The French cosmonaut Jean-Pierre Haigneré, head of the European astronaut team at ESA-EAC,
spoke about the flights of the European astronauts.

The 4-times Russian cosmonaut Yuri Usachev spoke about the tasks and results of the 2nd ISS mission, on which he was the commander.

Left: first German in space, Sigmund Jähn, served as interpreter from Russian to German.
Right: Sigmund Jähn and Yuri Usachev at the autograph session.

Left: Cosmonaut family Haigneré at the autograph session. Unfortunately, daughter Clara refused to sign.
Right: even next morning Yuri Usachev was not spared autograph hunters.

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